Everyday, these companies trust Latipay in handling their payments.

Learn more about how we’ve helped bridge payments between their businesses and China.

Comvita - 600 x 400

Our case study with Comvita is with Shannon Goodman, who is Comvita’s global digital technical manager. In 1974, Comvita founders Claude Stratford and Alan Bougen envisioned a healthier world, drawing inspiration from bees and honey as a natural source of medicine.

Pandora - 600 x 400

From setting up their first Pandora franchisee back in 2010, to expanding to three Pandora branches by 2015 – Power couple Cath and Hank with strong retail business experience of over 10 years, rode the waves with the Pandora franchise, growing in numbers and sales consistently.

Jucy Rentals - 600 x 400

JUCY is primarily a car and campervan hire business. With New Zealand being such a popular destination for Chinese tourists, rental cars became more popular among them to explore our beautiful country.

Novo Education - 600 x 400

At Novo Education, their mission is to promote New Zealand education – and your institution – through management and effective marketing. International education has become a competitive field, with intense competition for students and aggressive marketing.

Post2U - 600 x 400

With a consistently large volume of goods along with transactions, Post2U found it a true mission to manage payments with their chinese buyers. Days of waiting for payment, delayed orders and complaints are no longer exist ever since Latipay integrated with their P.O.S systems.

Shotover - 600 x 400

Take a unique breathtaking ride through dramatic and narrow canyons, and hold They are the only company permitted to operate in the spectacular Shotover River Canyons. With an incredible stream of international visitors, Latipay was introduced to provide familiarity to Shotover Jet’s chinese clients.


"We started to attract more visitors, more customers to the store. It's because they know that we accept WeChat payments and feel more comfortable to come to our store instead of other stores that do not have it. This gives them a second option for a payment solution for Chinese customers or Asians as Chinese customers use it quite widely everywhere."