Workshop Access & Industry Insights!

We’ll include topics like:
- Generating awareness and ultimately
  revenue with your Chinese customers
- Why should you sell to China?
- E-Commerce business in China
- Laws and Regulations within China
- and more industry related workshops.


Latipay China Ready Workshop for Businesses, 29th September 2017.

Think Tank


June 3, 2017

If you want to 'play' in China you need to consider and plan a lot of aspects. Everything from the levels of capital needed to an understanding of the various rules…


February 1, 2017

Food for thought: China’s most valuable company has captured the attention of everyone from teens to Silicon Valley.


August 15, 2017.

After Alibaba declared the first week of August “Cashless Week” and WeChat answered by naming August 8th “Cashless Day” and this entire month “Cashless Month,” a new research was published to illustrate how mobile payments are becoming a part of Chinese people’s everyday life.